Long Week of Waiting…

I am little behind on my weekly journal post as I spent yesterday snoozing all day. I might admit it was sensational. Dad and Tony took a joy ride to North Florida to look at some old cars, and I was snoozing away. I almost forgot how much I love to sleep, meditate, on and off for a full day. Good News is Neutrophils (first line of defense) are at 660, so I am cleared to leave Moffitt until my transplant work-ups, along with another Bone Marrow Biopsy (protocol) around the 19th. Will be nice to smell fresh air, have a normal bed and shower. By Day 28 of being here, you start to lose your mind a little, plus they injected me with some pretty heavy duty hormones to preserve fertility, so needless to say the “chill Allie” that I discovered on my first cancer journey, is fighting a bit with my hormones. However, fertility preservation was and still is extremely important to me. Not much else to say from Moffitt Cancer Center, other than after a platelet and blood transfusion, I will be very happy to go home to Bonita Springs. More to come on pre-transplant work-ups for both Tony and I. He even has his own Doctor!
Hanging with My Louie Girl

Thanks again for all the love, support, Go Fund Me donations as well continued prayers. God is carrying me on this journey and even in the rough points, I feel him pulling me through getting me more in-tune with my spirit than ever.




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