First week at Home a Bit Bumpy in Bonita…..

Hello Family, Friends and Loved ones….

It was a bumpy road this week in Bonita Springs. Good news is I have been blessed with amazing friends, who have amazing friends, that connected me with a Primary oncologist here who is solid GOLD. He is the “Remarkable” Dr. Rubin. He caught a left lung little pneumonia that was causing high fevers and so much discomfort. Good news, my neutrophils were high enough where I did not need to be admitted again but I did need IV antibiotics. His team of NPs, Nurses, fixed me in 3 days. Now I am on the mend, no longer fevering, and enjoying the Florida warmth after a 5 day cold front as well. (when it rains it pours, ie. 36 degrees in the morning, my blood is officially THINNED)

I am headed to Moffitt on Monday for my pre-transplant work-up appointments. This includes a number of different tests. Heart, Lungs, CT scans, Social Work, Psych Evaluation (wait until I tell this person I meditate, believe in the source and trust in God’s plan and process, they will put me right in coo coo’s nest, ha). I am looking forward to checking off these milestones and finally moving closer to transplant.

Tony and I are also participating in a very cool “GVHD” (Graft vs Host Disease) trial. They will be taking a type of our T cells and mixing them together. GVHD is one of the more difficult side effects post transplant, it can effect skin, liver, you name it. So we are happy to be part of the study two fold, so it helps me with potentially limiting all or any little GVHD for me as well as for the future of transplant and those who might potentially suffer, this could be life changing.

That is what is happening LIVE from Bonita.

Thanks for keeping up and keeping the Faith!



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