Good news for Go Forward!

Hello family, friends and other loved ones,

We traveled-up to Moffit last week for pre-transplant work-ups, which were successful, but long days. On Monday, we went to see my Leukemia Doctor who passed me off officially to my Bone Marrow Transplant team and gave me a HUGE hug. 🙂 My marrow has 0 signs of AML in it, which means the cancer is gone. I must have a stem cell (bone marrow) transplant to ensure it NEVER returns, as once you have relapsed the chances of the Leukemia coming back are greater down the road and it could relapse again with different cytogenetic mutations that could not work in my favor. Long story short, Tony is saving my life. I could not be more grateful and happy about this. He will also be my 24/7 primary care provider for the 100 days post transplant. We will catch-up on the 4 years of lost time. No doubt and maybe he will help me with my taste in Music. Ha.

My transplant Doctor is fantastic and funny. I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be to finally put this behind me and move forward, for good. No more rearview watching for AML.

All in All, only good news to share today. Tony starts his transplant work-ups next week (he even has his own transplant Doctor) and then we will be participating in the Graft vs Host study before we get ready for the “Big Show.” A lot of good things to come. This will be a big mountain to climb once Tony’s cells have taken hold, but I know that I am surrounded and supported with love, awareness, positivity and that is all I need to get through!

Ciao for now!


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