Aphaeresis Acupuncture & All the Feels

Cou Cou Tout Le Monde,

It was a very busy week for the first half. Tony’s Aphaeresis was intense and a bit longer than we anticipated. I was happy to have my Aunt Liz in from Atlanta to keep me company throughout the 8 hour process. He unfortunately ended up with unpleasant Aphaeresis technician and she did not realize I was the patient (I guess she thinks I shave my head for fun) and asked me to leave the room! 🙂 I think she thought I was a little controlling (HA), but I was just making sure Tony was comfortable, as I had gone through the same grueling process the week prior. Good news, he is on the mend and gearing-up for the BIG DONATION, April 23rd. Say lots of prayers for peace and powerful stem cells.

One of my go-to stress relievers and absolute necessities for better living is Acupuncture. My beloved Grandpa, for the ones who know him, Papa T, introduced me to his Acupuncturist here recently as my blood is healthy enough where I have been able to go the past two weeks. It has been absolutely DIVINE. My vibe is climbing and I could not be happier to be feeling like this going into chemo on Wednesday.

As for the “All the Feels,” there have been a roller coaster of emotions that have gone through my body and mind over the past two weeks leading up to chemo and the infamous Day 0. I apologize if I have been less response to texts, emails, calls, etc. I am taking the time to get my mind right, as that for me that is the most important part of this process. I know after this procedure I will go on and live a healthy, fulfilling life with more gratitude and awareness than I ever imagined, but with all procedures there is a bit of trauma. I am ready to finally heal from all of the trauma my body specifically has been through over the last 2 years and I know this procedure is just the jumping off point to get me there.

Thank you for all the Love, Support and Positivity over the next few weeks. Please, again, say a few extra prayers as well as send positive vibes for Tony, this is A LOT for him too as he prepares for Day -1 where he will donate for the transplant infusion. As you can imagine, I am eternally grateful for his “life saving” stem cells, but even more for his companionship and our reunion after 4 long years.



2 thoughts on “Aphaeresis Acupuncture & All the Feels

  1. Kassandra Lennox

    Allie, I am over here truly amazed by your strength, gratitude and just go after it attitude. Stay positive and you are blessed love! Over here praying for you!


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