Couple of Changes to the Calendar

Hello Family, Friends and Loved Ones,
Quick update today. I handled the first round of Flu/Bu very well, the chemo regime I will be on the next 3 days additional days. I think it’s the beautiful Butterfly Pin someone incredibly special to me hand carried from France (for my Fashion friends it is vintage YSL). It is certainly a “Bonne Chance” charm I cherish with all my heart and one that helps to remind ME to trust the process and only look forward.  See Picture Below:

Allie Butterfly

They gave me a pretty heavy dose of pre-meds, as one of the drugs Busulfan can have not so fun side effects. They began last night around 9:30 and will start again around that time tonight. Only woke-up with a minor headache. I know each day gets a little rougher, but I think mindset and calm is key. As I am up this morning, a little fatigued, but meditating, writing and about to go for a walk around the unit.

One quick calendar change, my Transplant will either be late Tuesday the 24th or on the 25th. This is as a result of the GVHD Treg cellls still growing, that I will have infused on Day -2.

Stay tuned for more info. ❤

Floor 3W at Moffitt is an absolute ROCK STAR community of Nurses, NPs, Fellows and of course my beloved Doctor “Uncle Mike” really becomes the sprinkles on the cake!

Hope everyone is having a great week as the weekend approaches!

Thursday and Sunday are still my favorite days of the week.

ENJOY for me. Lots of Love and Gratitude being sent to you from Tampa!!!

A teut a’leur.


2 thoughts on “Couple of Changes to the Calendar

  1. Devyn

    Hi Beautiful,
    I enjoy reading these updates on your progress and seeing your smile. Hoping you are having a peaceful day. Thinking of you!! XOXO


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