Two days to Take Off…

Hello everyone,

For those who missed the last blog post, my transplant infusion was in fact pushed back one full day to Wednesday, April 25th. Good news, Tony donates tomorrow, has been receiving his “growth” factor nightly and is ready to rock and roll. He has been keeping me healthy and sane while couped up on the 3W floor at Moffitt. Once you arrive and until you are discharged you are more or less a shut-in. They do this for all the right reasons, but I admit, I am missing my little jaunts down to the Hope fountain on the other side of the building. And  more specifically, the fresh air and sunshine. Good news, in about 21-24 days from now I will be out of the hospital and starting my new life, as a 32 year old who is living cancer free and NEVER looking back. Being born again at 32 seems much better to me than being born again as a baby, mainly because I have all of my life experience under my belt from the past 3 decades, but now with a renewed sense of living life to the fullest. There is less worrying, less heartache and I know from that point forward things will continue to get lighter. Love will always be greater than Fear go forward and I encouraged all of you, my constant companions, to do the same!

Going to take the next 36-48 hours to reflect on what a journey this has been. All of it. If not taken in strides, it could be grossly overwhelming for ANYONE. I think back to the original diagnosis. Then the remission bell; followed only 9 months after by the relapse heartache. And now the final journey beyond cancer, beyond sibling disagreements, and beyond everything I have ever imagined, a 2 hour infusion that will save my life, but more importantly save my soul…..The Journey to the The One and Allie. 




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