Overwhelmed with Emotion

IMG_4422Hello Everyone,

I have really been trying to keep my emotions in check these days, do a little introspective and find that inner peace. Good news, I certainly have over the past few days and feel more centered than I have ever in my life. However, as the emotional Scorpio rising sign deep within me rears its emotional head, I am today a blubbering mess of tears. HEALTHY HAPPY TEARS! First a phone call from a trusted confidant who I miss dearly, then a heartfelt love note from my sister-in-law on Facebook, coupled with the outpouring of empathy from near and far, not only from my loved ones but those who have followed my entire family along this journey, have me in awe of the human condition and of course crying. 😉

I sent T shirts to some of my closest companions over the last few weeks. As being away from my friends (who are my oxygen) and other special loved ones has left me a bit isolated at times. Each person today who cannot be by my side as I rebirth into my new AMAZING life, is wearing them and posting them on their social media. I feel more love than I have ever felt in my life, and it is more true now than ever that LOVE can CURE Fear.

For now I leave you with this quote:

“Stop. Stand here. and breathe in all the things that make you grateful for this life.”

I will see you on the other side of Day 0 loving, humbling and phenomenal humans!

Yours Truly,

The One and Allie

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