Day +2 What Goes Down Must Come Up

Hello everyone!

Happy to say it has been a relatively uneventful 2 days of my NEW life, but do not worry I am manifesting BIG for when I am out living my life to the fullest and on less immuno-suppressive therapy. 🙂

On that note……Let’s talk about immuno-suppressive drugs. Tacrolimus more specifically, if we are worried about semantics. 😉 I have been on this drug since 1 hour before the transplant via a pump that comes in a little purse (see exhbit A below, and no it is not GUCCI). Main purpose is to prevent rejection of Tony’s cells as well as Graft versus Host Disease. Main side effect: Insomnia.  Needless to say Tacky is a joy to carry-around after limited sleep, but I secretly love her as she will be suppressing my immune system while Tony’s healthy cells take the graft verses any possible residual Leukemia effect and start producing healthy new CANCER FREE marrow pour moi!


Not much else to report from 3W at Moffitt Cancer Center, other than my new bestie Tacky. I am just really looking forward to my old White Blood Cells continuing to drop and be wiped out (from the chemo regime I had 3 days prior to transplant) while feeling Tony’s new one’s reproduce like wild fire!!

Cheers to Le Weekend et Le Process!




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