Dimanche Day +4 Could I ask for More? OUI!

Bon Dimanche everyone,

It is Sunday, my favorite day of the week. I remember when I used to dread Sundays while living in NYC in my early twenties…the thought of getting up early on Monday morning just seemed all too close and all too daunting. Good news, post 25 I think I secretly learned to LOVE Sundays and more or less drink them down in complete decadence whenever I possibly could. #FelixSundays. Monday for me was all about reporting and felt a bit robotic, by Tuesday I would be well slept and ready to take over the world.

Now on Sundays….. I take time to reflect, meditate, watch Hulu, relax with maybe a glass of wine and leave the dance floor to the next group of bubbling 20 somethings to take over at the corner of West Broadway and Grand. Rose in one hand, the other up in the air! 😉

DISCLAIMER: Who am I kidding, if I am in NYC, I am right there on the dance floor, but post 30 have upgraded to Chablis drinking over Rose during the day, as a result of the crippling headache that ensues if I get too carried away, just ask my bottle of tylenol.

On the note of reflection versus partying like a pre-teen, I woke up this morning feeling lighter and cheerier than I have through the past week and I believe it was because I chatted with old friend yesterday. Someone I consider a “soul-sister.” We laughed hysterically about our times in both Lawrence, KS and more specifically NYC together i(n what I used to call the the darker days). We even shared a few laughs about some of my recent encounters in Southwest Florida, in and out of Moffitt Cancer Center. We both seem lighter and brighter than ever, and I feel that it is all part of this process of growing. She fortunately has not been gifted the “gift” of Cancer, ha, but it is clear we both are on the same spiritual, soul-growth journey at this point in our lives and maybe the time we spent apart, not necessarily not being friends, but just growing, has now brought us closer than ever. I LOVE THIS.

Being hospitalized and unable to the leave the unit for the next 14+ days along with my many other hospital stays has brought me to the realization that I am was not plagued with Cancer, but gifted it from the Universe so I could reach my BEST self and create the life I always wanted to be living. Reconnecting with my soul sister and most importantly Tony, my twin brother are just part of living this BEST life. I feel Cancer is actually my CURE.

Thanks for reflecting with me on this beautiful, sunny morning in Southwest Florida, it is day +4 and I am asking the Universe for what in lehmans terms we call “MORE” but in the Spiritual world we call ABUNDANCE. Manifest with me.

Full moon tonight friends. No time like the present to perfect your MOVIE.




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