Day +6 of Side Effects & Solitude

Hello family and friends,

Day +5 I was feeling more alive than ever, today is a little bit rough. Chemo causes “mouth sores” this time around. LUCKY ME. I have been brushing my teeth after every meal and using any type of mouth wash suggested, so they are not as intense as others on the floor, but nonetheless they are here. The Doctors have said the next two weeks are crucial for healing and engraftment. I need to keep up my laps around the unit, get as many fluids in me as possible and rest. The Best is Yet to Come.

As far as Solitude, I have taken a lot of time alone these past two days to “Netflix and chill,” as well as journal in my new 99 Ideas book gifted from my pseudo cousin Ariel. 🙂 It is the perfect way for someone to plan future fun. As an “Aquarian” dreamer, I love the idea of putting pen to paper on exactly where I want to go and manifest it. This little book of heaven is doing that for me daily and everyday I go to a new place, on a new adventure and experience something special. The imagination can do wonders while you are in isolation. 🙂 I recommend this book for anyone doing any soul-searching this year, after all, we are soul first, body second. See photo below:

99 ideas day 5

That is all for now from 3W, looking forward to the brighter days ahead as Tony’s cells graft and multiply.

Love and gratitude to all who are reading……




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