Brothers and Sisters

Hello Everyone,

I am now on once a week posts. I apologize for the delays. After being on dilaudid for too many days, and finally getting past this V.O.D PLOT TWIST, I feel I am finally turning the corner.

A big thanks to this week’s turn of events was waking up Thursday to my Wonderful Sister-in-law and younger Brother. I had heard rumblings of them coming, but again was so drugged out on dilaudid I could barely form a sentence let alone comprehend what day it was and who was in the room. It was like being in a scene of the “Handmaid’s Tale” on Hulu, is this shit really happening to me?

Enough about the negative, there is something really special about my sister-in-law or belle soeur, as we say in French. She can sit with me in a room, watch endless chick-flicks or even period pieces and her presence is just comforting. I am so lucky my brother has found a woman like this, to fit in (put up with) with ALL of our strong personalities, but she is supportive of my REPUBLICAN RAVING, COWBOY BOOTING, Brother. (SMH) Sam stayed the night with me Friday eve, as Colie, my belle soeur, went to the beach with friends. GOOD FOR HER! We watched Jersey Shore and ate Portillos, well let’s be real, I munched on a few bites of a hot dog. I wanted to feel alive.

Saturday rolled around and my twin headed back to Bonita with my Mom to help her around the house. Sam went to the Beach with his wife and Dad and I stayed here. I forget the power of the signs. My Dad is a Libra, he is so focused on balance, and calm and tidiness, (I LOVE ALL OF THESE qualities). Although,  I am another form of an air sign, Aquarius, independent, a bit aloof at times, but the air signs can sit together for hours, talk, watch endless Netflix and Hulu and it is like no time has passed at all. I am genuinely grateful that my Father was born in early October so we can share this “air sign” bond.

One other really amazing notion happened this week, my dear friend, and soul-sister, Lee Lesley, set-up a prayer call with my other soul-sister Monica. They had over 50+ people from all over on the call praying for my recovery and for healing. I did not find out about this until late Tuesday when I had my weekly session with Monica (she is my therapist and worth EVERY penny). I felt so touched, so open to God’s presence in my life and at that point I knew I would pull through this. This was just a PLOT TWIST, not a PLOT ENDING. People joined the call that my parents had not heard from in years, Lee and Monica made this HAPPEN. They will forever be in my life as guardians and spirit junkies.

This week was REALLY about my Brothers and Sisters breathing life back into me and coming together to not only be at my bedside so they could pray for my healing but so they could give me life again to make me want to live the life I have been creating since graduating College. This too shall pass and it is, and a big part of it this week was because of my Brothers and Sisters.





One thought on “Brothers and Sisters

  1. Bernadette Baker

    Allie, you are one amazing lady! I love how you fight and your positive attitude! Most of us would would be throwing huge pitty parties! This fight is what’s going to get you through this. I’m so happy your brother and his wife were able to visit. I’m sorry I missed the prayer call, I was helping my daughter
    ( a first year teacher of 6 year olds) at field day! Quite challenging for this 60 year old lady! It was 94 degrees and I was doing everything possible to keep those little munchkins from getting heat stroke. Remember we have a beach trip in the planning for you and your beautiful momma to meet us in St. Augustine! So please continue to heal and I’m so excited to see you again. Much love and prayers! ❤️❤️❤️


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