After the plot twist, a real life come back kid!

Hello family and friends,

It has a truly been a week of rebuilding. Both body and mind candidly. After my week of being comatose and over-flowing with water, I am happy to say I am only 7 lbs off my normal baseline weight and even eating 3 meals a day. 🙂

The hardest part of coming back from the VOD nastiness has been rebuilding my body and convincing it to walk 1+ miles per day around the unit or around the campus ( I am lucky enough to have a pass off the unit since I should have been discharged, but my regimen is 21 days for the VOD drug Defibrotide). I have started to meditate and stretch more often than before to help alleviate some of the water still holding on as well as to get my back somewhat in a normal place. When you lay in a bed for 6 days and do not move you do not realize all the rebuilding you will need to do after.

As for rebuilding my mind, meditation is freeing me along with some funny Netflix originals. Gotta have a little of both. I feel the more I meditate the more my mind over matter takes over when I go for a walk in the morning or try to sneak in that midday nap that might not be totally necessary after I slept from 11-2. (this is one of the times I get the medicine, so I plan naps accordingly) It is also helping my eating habits. With my mouth fully healed but with little taste buds, I need a push. The food and protein will soak up more of the fluid that is still hanging on and have me feeling back to normal before the 21 regimen finishes next Sunday.

Not much else to report from 3W, other than expressing how much gratitude I have for all of you who follow and want updates. It is truly a journey, but the best is yet to come. I can see my new life unfolding before me and the plot twist was all intentional and the come back even more. Tony is still staying with me nightly, taking care of my needs which keeps me sane, feeling loved and also occupied at night with movies, last night was Something About Mary night, we laughed our asses off. Who knows yet what tonight will bring, maybe just sleep. I love a good 3 day weekend for sleep, ha. Happy MDW family and friends.

Ciao for now!





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