My Marrow is no Longer Mine for the Taking

Hello everyone,

I wanted to send a quick HAPPY update after this morning’s round with the doctors. My marrow is engrafted and my brother’s cells are 99.7% of it. I cried tears of joy this morning and let Tony have the day off of care taking to go enjoy himself. We did this together but at least someone should go have a beer and blow-off steam as this process has been as difficult on him as it has been on me with the pressure of delivering healthy cells that would in fact engraft. Doctors had no doubts but I believe as humans sometimes we doubt. It is a Happy day in Tampa and I wanted to share with all of you. 🙂

Also, side note, the crazy drug I have been on to reverse my acute liver failure is really working. I am on Day 19 of the 21 day regimen. My Doctor came in this morning and asked me to be part of a video series they are doing for this drug because it is so expensive, so I am obliging on my terms to be part of the video series (a real life celebrity, hehe). I will tell him tomorrow. If anyone is interested the drug is called Difibrotide.  Another positive note, I should be discharged to my little apartment in Tampa on Monday.  It is next door to the hospital, so I plan on walking to and from my clinic visits for exercise. I will remain there for an additional 49 days. This is to make sure I do not have any complications pop-up within the first 90 days but also so that I am close to the hospital for consistent clinic visits which will be anywhere from 2-3 times a week for the first 30 days.

That is all to report from 3W today, oh and also, I moved rooms. Hehe. It has better energy and is cleaner. The other room had a sink-clog issue and they did not want me exposed. Enjoying the new room for a few days and have been lucky enough to have a few of my favorite nurses this week. If interested:  I am now 3W715 vs 3W705 but I am ONLY accepting cards at this time and only here until Monday!!!!

Ciao for Now!





2 thoughts on “My Marrow is no Longer Mine for the Taking

  1. Deirdre

    LOVE this post. I hope you were able to move to your apt today!! Every day you are getting stronger. SO HAPPY TO SEE THIS!!!


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