A Freaky Friday Feeling being outside of the Hospital after 49 days~

Hello everyone,

I hope this update finds you well. I am happy to say, if you do not follow me on instagram or other social media that I am FINALLY out of the hospital. Le sigh. After 49 days, it was time to move from 3W onto the Hope Lodge Apartments just a few steps away from the hospital.Good news is this gives me so much comfort knowing I am so close since my “new” cancer free immune system is in fact in it’s infant stages still and I can walk to and from my clinic appointments. Tony is now my 24.7 care taker, which means, he cooks, cleans and must be at EVERY single appointment with me. It is great. I am loving all the time together and my Doctor just adores him for saving my life and still being along for the second part of the journey.

About my apartment: Everyone on my floor in the apartments has had a transplant, so it is safe to be around them and there’s quite a sense of community in the common areas. Tony and I have even made a new “bestie”, he looks like Robert DeNiro, but funnier. We try and get some laughs in with him every night, good for the soul.

However, when not at the apartments, “duck bill” mask wearing is a MUST. I am at the clinic a few days a week checking my counts, re-adjusting my immune suppressants and I am walking pretty frequently to get my lungs back up and running, as well as to re-engage my muscles. There is even a great little path we walk daily, sometimes twice a day, on a little lake, I find it quite enjoyable. (Minus the mask, 50 SPF and being covered head to toe in 90 degree humidity of course.) 😉

The next 45 days are going to be all about staying healthy as my “new” immune system continues to take hold and knock out the old one FOR GOOD. I am currently on about 25 pills plus some liquid meds daily, so it is good to be close to the Doctors when things need to be adjusted or I am not feeling great. ie. This morning when I needed special antacid medicines because some of the meds were ripping apart my upper GI tract. Good news is these will taper off as the immune system gets stronger within the next 6-9 months. However, I will most likely be on immune suppressant therapy for 1-2 years following transplant, to ensure no chronic Graft vs Host pops up down the road.

Now I am truly focused on the future versus just getting out of the hospital, and currently the road ahead is all about healing and allowing my new immune system to strengthen so I can start my new life properly, without any plot twists. 🙂 I appreciate all the prayers, love and support.

Speaking of prayers, I am going to try and set-up a prayer call for Tuesday at 1:11. These calls truly lift me up and remind me how blessed I am to have this chance at a second life, surrounded by special people who have helped me through some of my darkest days, with my brothers healthy and leukemia free cells. Will post more information when I confirm.

Lots of Love to All of You!

The Best is Yet to Come.




One thought on “A Freaky Friday Feeling being outside of the Hospital after 49 days~

  1. Phyllis McNeil

    Hugs, hugs and more hugs to you, Ellie, and your sweet family!!! YOU are simply amazing, and as a fellow cancer survivor, I understand a lot of what you are going thru. I didn’t have the kind you had, but the kind I had put me in the hospital for 3 months, 50 some blood transfusions, chemo, and loss of lots of my hair. My son, Kevin, was just 3 months old at the time, and he is now 45. Stay strong sweet girl! You got this!!!


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