Week leading up to Day 52….a little blue

Hello family and friends,

What a week it has been since I last posted. I must admit it was emotional last week for me as I was fighting a little virus and feeling worse and worse by the day. I had a few emotional breakdowns with two of my closest friends on the phone and after certainly felt better. It was a positive release of stress and tension. Thanks ladies.

All of my rapid strep and Flu tests as well as all CT scans and Chest X rays were completely clear. THIS IS A GOOD THING. But I was a little frustrated that I just had to let it run its course,  and not just get an antibiotic, as the course it had been running through me was rough. Good news it certainly did run it’s course only a few days after those heavy tears…..but only after I spiked a 100.6 fever and ended up back on the West Wing of Moffitt Cancer center BMT this past Wednesday evening. Anytime you have a fever of 100.4 or above you have to call and most likely you are going in, even if just for observation. They did a few more tests all came back negative, and as a result I was discharged late in the day on Thursday. My Dad and I even got in a few episodes of the most depressing but addicting show ever made, “The Handmaid’s Tale.” The BEST news is the virus seems to have moved up and out and I am officially on the mend.

It is a rainy Saturday in Tampa and no appointments or lab draws, so I am cozy in my little bed blogging and bugging Tony to get up so we can have some lunch! He deserves a day to sleep in, he is constantly cleaning, cooking or doing laundry for me. The best caretaker on Earth. I am hoping when more of his cells engraft I will be able to sleep like him, it’s like he’s still in the womb, cozy and relaxed, always in REM. Instead, as his cells engraft more fully daily, his sensitive skin reactions are taking over. For example, I have to wear a mask anytime I am off the BMT Floor at the Hope Lodge, and it is humid and the allergies are horrible, so I have developed a little skin irritation from the mask, sunscreen and breathing combination. So funny, because I have sensitive skin but his is UBER sensitive. I even have his little tape allergy now when they change my port dressing. Crazy, right? Pray the sleep cells come next!!!

That is all for now from Tampa. Thank you all again for being on this journey with me, today is day +52 and I feel the next 30 day milestone at day 60 will be a day for celebrating mildly (maybe some mocktails), as conquering each milestone means you are getting closer to the new life ahead, outside of confinement, living your truth and following your purpose after something as life changing as this!

Lots of Love



One thought on “Week leading up to Day 52….a little blue

  1. Alice Diaz

    So happy you were able to release some of those comforting tears with your wonderful friends.
    You are always on my mind and in my prayers. As always, sending much love and much strength to you. Soon honey, soon.


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