Healing is the word of the week!

Hello everyone,

Hope all of you are enjoying the first days of Summer. Wish I could say the same, but I do enjoy the sunshine from the windows of my apartment at the Hope Lodge. 🙂 Unfortunately, post transplant, I have to be out of the sun during peak hours 10-3 unless I am covered head to toe in sunscreen 35+ and preferably dark clothing. A bit of a bummer for this beach babe, but I will certainly age backwards over the next two years not being in the direct sunlight during peak hours, ha. After all, 7 rounds of chemo has aged me a bit so this is me taking back my youth!

As for what I have been up to leading up to another milestone, day 60 (tomorrow)……I have been doing a lot of healing. In fact, I took a private restorative yoga course at the Integrative Medicine building yesterday, as they offer these to BMT patients during their 100 day stay near Moffitt. It was meditative and healing all at the same time and exactly what I needed to end the week on a high note.

I have also been napping quite often in the afternoons. I find myself by around 4 PM pretty exhausted so I try to sneak in a nap when I do not have to take any Meds from about 330-5. It is perfect and again, helps me heal from the rollercoaster ride I was on inpatient and over the last 2 years. Nothing better than a petite sieste.

Everyday is a new day and new beginning, and now that I am finally sleeping at night, I have shed all the water weight from my liver faux pas, I am feeling pretty good. I am thankful for each day, as well as Tony’s presence and chill, positive attitude. He keeps me going when I get moody (mainly from all the fertility hormones that are wearing off) or want to cut the walk short. I am finally starting to see glimpses of the new person I am becoming, versus the shell of myself I became throughout the chemo and complications. I am not ready to share pictures of myself yet, as I do scare myself a bit as a result of the lovely splotchy tan one of the chemos gave me (that is still peeling off slowly but surely, ick), along with the fact that I am a bag of bones. Ps Cancer cannot kill vanity or my spirit or ME for that matter! However, I know the best is yet to come and look forward to sharing pictures of Tony and I on our walks around the Duck pond at night here at Moffitt before we head back to beautiful Bonita to truly start life over with one foot in front of the other. New beginnings are only 30+ days away.

Thank you all for your positive thoughts and keeping faith. I will leave all of you with a quote my yoga instructor gave me yesterday, as reading this, catapulted me forward in a way I never thought possible:

Bless yourself for your courage and for your willingness to climb mountains of transformation on your journey of healing. You are a beautiful soul filled with light. 



One thought on “Healing is the word of the week!

  1. Judy Hyland

    What a beautiful reminder. I definitely copied and pasted that one to remember as “Allie Rubino POWER quote!” Keep up the good work; hi to all!! Love, Jude


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