France Wins, Fourth of July and Face on Fire!

Hello everyone,

First and foremost, Allez Les Bleus!!!! Exciting day for my adopted country of France, winning today against Uruguay. Looking forward to catching the final matches this upcoming week.

As for Fourth of July, I had a nice one here with my parents and Tony. We cooked out on the grill and had unhealthy BBQ style sides, I loved every minute of this. My Mom stayed the night with me and we watched endless “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” episodes. Larry David is simply ridiculous, but I need all the laughs I can get to get me to day 100! (PS. Today is day 72!!!) And candidly I am not really a fireworks lover, so we saw them from the windows of my little apartment.

As for what is going on health wise, I am warning all of you, this is officially an overshare. (feel free to change your browser now) I am currently experiencing reverse menopause. What a joy. My face is literally ON FIRE as a result of the hot flashes that come consistently around 1 PM daily until the next morning where I get an 8 hour reprieve. I also have adult acne, another new and exciting discovery that has gone to a new level this week. My Doctor thought it was a little graft versus host, but the cortisone cream did not clear up the “rash”, only made it worse. I am a little moody and at times a bit snippy.  Nausea also comes and goes, it is quite the whirlwind. To my friends who have already experienced this phase, GOD BLESS YOU. So…..needless to say, you will not be seeing any selfies until my favorite Aunt Flo finally makes her return!! I never thought I would say this, but I cannot wait to have her visit every month following 5 months without her as a result of the hormone therapy they put me on to preserve my fertility. There is a big moon shift next week on the 12th, I have a feeling after that my hormones will shift into their new reality and I will once again feel like a female. I also know my skin will be glowing once this passes as Tony has porcelain, but sensitive skin and after all, I have all of his wonderful healthy cells now. 😉

That is all for this Holiday week as we keep charging slowly but surely toward day 100 with a smile on. I hope everyone enjoyed their vacations, and time off. And for my fearless female followers, I imagine the third part gave you a little chuckle! (it was my intention)

Bisous Bisous et Allez Les Bleus



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