syn·chro·nic·i·ty in September

Cou Cou tout le monde!

What a week it has been, sometimes I forget how quickly life passes me by when I am not looking. While Judy and Tony sailed the caribbean seas in Cuba last week I was quite productive around the house and even took sometime to clear out my closet! My closest confidants know this is a seasonal tradition I take on and truly adore every single minute of. Unfortunately, I have less to give away this season, as I spent most of February-June in and out of the hospital rocking my best UA attire. It is these little reminders that the Universe had and continues to have my back. Why else would I be working for a Sport/Athleisure company in my time of need? The Women’s Global team as well as my NAmily kept me cozy and quite outfitted throughout the entire “kicking cancer to the curb,” process. I am of course incredibly grateful and honored to work with such caring and evolved individuals. Had I had taken the job at Balenciaga, I would be neck deep in Alexander Wang bags, (pre Demna takeover for my Fashion groupies) but have no idea what to do with them and most likely not have met as many special someones, like I have at UA.

This my friends is a little thing in the spirit junkie world we call, synchronicity. It is one of my favorite things to talk about and specifically at this time of year, when the seasons are starting to change and fresh adventure is in the air. I feel this for myself right now, as next week I will be taking my first plane ride in over 9 months. It will be with both my parents at my side, but nonetheless, baby steps towards my cancer-free future. My HS best friend is getting married and as one of her lucky loved ones and attendants, I am making the trip North to Rhode Island to share in her special moment, mask and many medicinal prophylactics included. 🙂

I just love September. This morning and this past week I have been reminiscing on the trip I took back to my beloved city of Paris, after my first round with AML. It was one year from right now. It was nothing like any of the other trips I had taken in past. It felt as if my body had been away from my heart for so long that as soon as I returned everything was “in-sync.” It was if I had forgotten through all the fray of cancer and returning to the US, the very special relationship I had built over the years with Paris. It is hard for me to put in words, as it is truly my “happy” place and this last trip, one year ago, solidified that in more ways than one. I continuously go back to Paris in my mind, to that week, to spending time with my French Famille, my French Filles and meeting some of the most interesting and invigorating individuals I have ever met. Le sighhh…. I revel in the less hectic hustle and bustle of the European city life, but I also feel as if I am stepping back in time every moment I breathe in a little Parisian air. The year I spent in Paris studying for my MBA was simply not enough to get my “fix.” I know one day I will be there and it will eventually become my forever home. The synchronicity I share with this special place is too strong and too crucial to my future happiness and health. I remember I kept a map of Paris poster on the door of my hospital room and on my wall at the Hope Lodge as I am a believer in visions. I remained so focused on going back one day, not even VOD could keep me from my dream of one day putting all this pain and suffering behind me and stepping foot on the Parisian streets again and this time saying, “Cou Cou Mon Amour.” (to Paris of course) 😉

Thank you for letting me share this special “souvenir” with all of you this week. It took me back to some of the happiest and special times in my adult life. (so many more to come) I hope those of you reading who have not visited Paris will one day step off the plane at Charles DeGaulle and be as enchanted as I was, it was truly love at first sight.

Bisous Bisous





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