Blessings and Baby Butterfly Wings


Hello everyone,

Another week has passed and I am continuing to live in gratitude for all the blessings I have been receiving since my rebirth this past April.

One big blessing I am happy to share is that I have been able to FINALLY sleep through the night. My immune suppression dosage continues to come down as I get closer to being 100% Tony, so I was able to move around the time of day I take these meds, as a result, voila, uninterrupted sleep. Praise Be! This is a huge blessing because uninterrupted sleep means my immune system will continue to get stronger even while being on the immune suppressive meds.

My Baby Butterfly wings are continuing to grow everyday, but I am still just about the age of a 4 1/2 month old. Good news is I am smiling and developing quite the new personality, just like a sweet little babe. 😉 This personality is more social than I was at the 3 months mark but still not totally trusting of strangers. Stranger danger is still there sans shots and all. Good news is Baby shots will begin next month and although they will bruise me, they will mark yet another milestone on this journey.

Today I am like the baby in the Bjourn at the Tampa airport, except I am not letting Judy carry me or put me in a stroller! Ha. I am headed to Rhode Island for my sweet soul sister Amy’s nuptials. A day I wouldn’t miss, as we are HS friends and I am one of her 4 ladies in waiting. I was happy my Doctor gave me the “okay,” to fly (versus a 25 drive) as long as I promised to wear a mask, gloves and of course continue to stay off my immune suppressive of choice, ALCOHOL. I will be cheersing to the Cerio’s in true baby form,  sans Champagne. It is not ideal, but the new normal. I am so thankful to even be able to celebrate this special day with some of my favorite people and send A&D on their “marry” way.

Life although unpredictable these past 2 years has been very good to me. I unfortunately received news this past week that one of my fellow warriors had passed, it broke my heart but not my spirit, as I know he would have wanted me to continue doing what I am doing right now: healing and having more memorable moments with my loved ones. Although I am getting glances left and right at the airport, looking a bit peculiar masked and gloved-up, I am alive and truly learning to love life in its purest form.

Thank you to all who continue to read and keep me in your hearts. It means more than words can describe. This week is for Rick and the weeks to come are for all my other warriors, truth is, they carry me and are with me all the way on the journey to theoneandallie.






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