Breaking up with tacrolimus….and building a better relationship with my other “immune suppressant” boyfriend :)

Happy Hump Day!

Je suis tres heureux today after I got the official break-up call from the pharmacist.  “Allie, you can go ahead and discontinue tacrolimus.” Music to my ears. As meds come off and immune suppression lowers, I feel closer and closer to the official cure. It was not exactly love at first sight with tacrolimus, as I was gifted a purse with an IV connection to it, 2 days before my brother’s stem cells were released into my bloodstream. Now, I realize this relationship has run its course and I feel confident I have grown from it and can now move forward…… with my other “immunosuppressant boyfriend.  It’s like dating in NYC, you are only as good as your plan B. Ha! #gorillawarfare

Tacky (plan A) did a great job preventing GVHD (transplants very own gorilla warfare) but can cause disrupted sleep as well as tremors, they like to get you off this ASAP…..So, we have weened off it over the past few months and now it is time to move forward with sweet Sirolimus. (Aka plan B) I will stay on sirolimus for a much longer period of time, (about 2 years), it will be a relationship to remember for sure! Ps. This drug is also called rapamune, bring on the “rapa rewards.”

Enough about immunesuppresants as it was a busy and beautiful day at the BMT clinic. In this new life I am really morphing into a true belle française……even showing up 15 minutes to late to my appointment with the simple excuse of, “I do not like rushing, and it was only 15 minutes.” 😉 My favorite tech scolded me for my tardiness but told me I looked pretty (tinted moiaturizer does wonders) and to follow I had a great visit with Uncle Mike and co. He reviewed my lab results with confidence and a touch of cheeky charm and then moved onto more important subjects, like his upcoming trip to France. Followed by a detailed description of the Rhone River cruise. I left feeling jubilant and jalouse! Tout va bien!

That is all for now, hope you laughed a little and remember to always keep my cancer warriors within your thoughts and prayers. I am blessed to be continuing to heal daily and take small steps forward into the future. Here’s to another week of healing and heureusement!



2 thoughts on “Breaking up with tacrolimus….and building a better relationship with my other “immune suppressant” boyfriend :)

  1. Patti Barnard

    You are an inspiration!! Have really loved reading about your journey to wellness!! I hope to meet you someday!
    PS: I met your parents at Ariel’s and David’s wedding, I’m David’s aunt!


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