Venus in Retrograde throwing emotional Retro-shade…

Hello everyone,

Hopefully so far you are enjoying your Saturday and cooler temps are upon you. Fortunately, the Florida sun has taken a little reprieve this week and it is almost bearable to be outside for more than 2 hours in the morning! I will take these small victories as right now it is Venus retrograde, and she is throwing out some serious retro-shade, and unfortunately it is not the kind of shade I am looking for.

Venus is the LOVE planet, and during this “shady soiree” of sorts, she has many of us reviewing and revisiting past times that may be close to the heart. Currently she is sashaying through Scorpio, which is a VERY intense sign and one that pulls on our deepest emotions and heartstrings. (I am a Scorpio rising, your rising sign is how the world perceives you, I believe most people would say I am “intense,” ha) With that, right now me, it is all about my deepest emotions, even the ones buried deep in the back. This week felt heavier than usual through Wednesday, and as I result I was not able to get my blog out on time. I was as the kids say, “feeling all the feels,” and it was emotionally exhausting.

This all began last Saturday….as my twin brother and I drove to Sarasota to say Aurevoir to a fellow warrior. Rick was truly an inspiration to me at 66 years old. Although I spoke to his wife, more than I spoke to him, I was in awe when he left the hospital 19 days post transplant, a warrior with WILL and force to be reckoned with. He wanted to LIVE and be with his love, leaving leukemia in the dust. Seeing him gone too soon, and the many people’s lives he impacted over his 66 years of life, left me feeling forever grateful for each morning I wake up and get to leave Leuk in the shadows of my pre-transplant life. Each day I live is for people like Rick, a fallen soldier, taken too soon.

The hits kept coming from vehement Venus as I found out my Forever’s Father was about to take his last breaths. It was as if my heart was beating one hundred miles per hour, my mind racing over and over (to some of my darkest moments), as I was trying to find the perfect amount of empathy (the same empathy I have had to have for myself) to express as his family said goodbye to their patriarch. He passed late Wednesday night after a quick one month battle with Lung cancer, and I have to admit, after Wednesday it felt as if another angel was watching over me. And he is. Thanks for making life here, after Leukemia, a little less heavy Claude, and reminding me that I am moving forward, with your protection of course! ❤

I have to say, the memorial and passing  of such a special soul this week was a bit horrible and heavy, however, Venus was not all venom. She did sprinkle in some memories of moments that I will never forget. My Marathon in Argentina was 4 years ago this past week, and it brought back so many happy times to top of mind. I was reminded once again, that you really can do anything you put your mind to. EVEN BEAT CANCER, twice. I remember why I chose to do my Marathon 4 years ago, I was mending a broken heart, and needed purpose, healthy purpose. So I phoned my running friend Faith, and we hit the ground running. My Marathon not only mended my broken heart, but brought me so many memorable moments that have me itching to get back to running and of course, traveling. While I am completing my personal marathon everyday with my new marrow, I also plan on hitting the pavement and building back-up to a marathon in 2019.

Here’s to a weekend of healing and feeling less “heavy.” The Best is Yet to Come.







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