All the Good Cs: Courage, Cole’s Parents, Chicago and Camaraderie

Hello Everyone,

Bon Dimanche as my friends and family across the Atlantic say on Sundays. 🙂 I am happy to say that this week was full of many special moments and most importantly all the good Cs. Coming off of the bad C these past 2 years, it is always good to make this letter “good” again!

With that, the first C I am going to talk about is Courage. Everyday I am working towards cultivating Courage versus living in a fear-focused phenomena. It is amazing that today went I put on my Calm app, the daily calm was about Courage. Talk about synchronicity. It is something I reach for everyday as I move forward into my Cancer free life and know that I can handle just about anything when it comes to maintaining my happiness. I also cultivate Courage in order to do things that seemed intuitive in my past life, like getting on an airplane to go see loved ones and experience cooler, crisper temperatures. This takes a lot of Courage, as wearing a mask usually freaks out 75% of travelers, and causes people to stare, and it also forces me to remember that I am in fact immune suppressed. This does not mean I am dying or living a less fulfilled life, but I have to be extra careful when in large groups of people, and most importantly, protect myself. Courage is becoming my best friend, and I have to say, I kind of love it. Every time I have a dark thought, or have a moment where I am frustrated with my skin, feeling insecure about it, (as this saga is still on going and could take up to a year to subside), I remember how courageous I am, along with my fellow survivors. Taking your life back, although seems easy to most, can sometimes be the scariest thing you could have ever imagined. (cue the immunesuppression) But, I also remember that no matter what changes my exterior and interior body are going through, that most people can only see with their eyes, I have chosen to press on and know that this is the “best” of my life and the worst is truly behind me.

Courage is really something, it brought me to see some of my favorite people this past week. Also known as the Kruml’s or Cole’s parents. 🙂 The Kruml’s have been part of our lives since as long as I can really remember. We were football families in the ever-growing and evolving western suburb of Chicago called Naperville. Cole’s parents reside in the City of Chicago, and while we were headed to Naperville to attend my twin’s best friend’s wedding, we made a pit stop in the Windy City first. It was exactly what we needed, crisp, cool air and catching-up included.

Chicago is one of those cities that just makes you feel like you are at home. Nothing like good Midwestern city dwellers to keep that feeling going for as long as you let them. Tony and I love it and are proud to call ourselves “midwesties,” and Chicago suburban babes.

The camaraderie came a day later, when we headed to the burbs to #getbriggywithit. My twin prior to transplant had spent about 7+ years on the West Coast in San Diego, missing many of his closest copains, who he left back in Chicago. It was a beautiful moment seeing my brother step back into “bro,” mode when we arrived at the beautiful Batavia ceremony. He saw not only long lost highschool brothers, but also some of his Montana boys as well as his tride and true galpal, Tiff, that had also made the trip. It was an amazing experience all the way around, and Tony’s friendships, once lost in translation, truly came full circle. I was lucky enough myself to see some of my closest copines from my Rosary days. (the HS I attended) It reminded me how lucky I have been all throughout my life to be constantly surrounded by strong but also incredibly sweet women. Love was seriously in the air.

I left Chicago last night feeling so happy and a bit hyped from all the excitement of the short trip’s events. However, I am happy to be home and finally able to sit down at my computer, to tell you all about the special week I had with old friends, new friends and most importantly forever friends.

Cheers to good times we had this weekend, and the many more to come! So grateful for all the goodness this week provided.

Thanks for continuing to follow along with me on the journey to theoneandallie, the BEST is yet to come, but moments like this keep taking my happiness meter to another level.






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