I have not abandoned theoneandallie!!!

Hello everyone,

I hope this post finds all of you well this winter season. I apologize for not being more on top of theoneandallie, I have been quite busy these days with baby showers, beating a nasty cold and being back at work! Cannot complain about the cold, as candidly, this is proof that my immune system is in fact doing its job and fighting it off. No fever, so I am going to keep moving forward, drowning myself in Dandelion tea (and honey) and hope this icky thing clears come Monday.#manifesting

Baby showers are all the rage in my core group of galpals in NYC. In fact, I have 3 that are pregnant and due within just months of eachother. I love being pseudo-auntie to all these little love bugs that are slowly making their way into the world. Last weekend was one of their baby shower’s and sweet Sarah, who kidnapped me right before my 100 days post transplant and gave me a sanctuary of a staycation close to Moffitt, is on the home stretch and we came full circle from her baby shower 2 years ago, when she ended up in the hospital with a bad bacterial infection, right before giving birth. I remember returning from France, re-newed and refreshed but also anxiously awaiting the arrival of the cute as can be Catherine. Finally on the Friday, September 15th I was able to hold my friend’s first born. Feels like things really are moving forward, and anytime we can come full circle from the past 3 years of ups and downs, I am eternally grateful. These are all signs from the universe that the BEST is yet to come.

Beating this cold has been a bit brutal considering that its HIGH allergy season in South Florida. Every time I start to feel relief, I try to step outside for some sunshine, under a hat and with SPF 50+ , of course, and I am smacked in the face with the Spanish moss. For my warriors reading along, the allergies are real post transplant and I know my twin is terrible sufferer from seasonal allergies. (hey it’s better than cancer) So…..partner that with 7 rounds chemo, which essentially ruins the barriers your built up overtime to protect you from the inevitable allergies that are all around us, and a little topper of immune suppression and it is a recipe for serious sinus situations. The good news is, I had my 10 months post transplant appointment this past Monday and I was aymptomatic at that point, with some more HEALTHY white blood cells to boot: they lowered my immune suppression, took me off one of my liver protectants and I admit I was feeling lighter than I had been as of late. I love when this happens. In conclusion, I think this little cold I have caught should move out sooner than later. Here’s to a clear head and less coughing as Mercury enters retrograde on March 5th, as this will conjure up some chaos all on its own, so I plan to be cold-free before making my way to my bed Monday evening. (more on that in the next post) J

Being back at work, even from a far, has been a major milestone for me. For someone who spent the past 10 years totally focused on moving up the corporate ladder, having to be forced to take a back seat and do a detailed “deep-dive,” on what was happening in my life has allowed me to “re-define” my relationship with work. I have begun to trust myself more in making the right decisions as well as honed in on the experience I have gained throughout the various companies I have worked for versus constantly second guessing myself. I also have an incredibly supportive boss, which is such a breath of fresh air in the Fashion industry. She cares about my health and knows that diving back in head first is never a way to move forward for the long term, so, with that I am slowly easing back into the fold and am forever grateful for the love and support I felt from afar from my teammates throughout the past 12 months.

Thanks for letting me share my stream of consciousness, could not continue moving forward towards the future, cancer-free and with courage without all of your support and love, from both near and far.

Cheers to the Week-End wonderful followers and fellow warriors!

Bisous Bisous


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