Spiritual Partnerships , Spring Solstice and Celery Juice…..

11 months post transplant this week! So in awe everyday of getting a little bit of my life back as immune suppression lowers and I continue heading towards the one year milestone marker! The first 1/2 of this marathon is almost complete. (It’s really a two year timeline from transplant to be” considered officially”cured, good thing my angels above have me covered)

I am especially thankful these days for my “spirit junkie” side, as I was listening to an Oprah Super Soul podcast the other day entitled “spiritual partnerships,” I realized I have so many. With JM, my twin brother, my survivor soul sister Jess, Rockstar Roseanne, always present AP and Amanda, Suzanne, C Lo, SD and loving Lee….the list goes on…..it is clear these people have become more present and permanent staples in my life over the past 3 years for a purpose. And I believe it is because I finally started moving towards my most authentic self. These relationships are so powerful because they are sans the superficial. I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many spiritual beings helping me strive to be the best version of myself. The truth is these soul partnerships really did not start to manifest spiritually until sadly I was diagnosed with cancer. And they are not necessarily the easiest amies to make. So right now I am, once again, thankful for the chaotic cancer chapter of my life, as it changed the spiritual side of me so much as well as brought some of the most beautiful spiritual, soul-growing, gifts into my life. Many of these partnerships have taught me how to live more from my spirit than from my ego-self. Letting go of that side of me and being able to have authentic conversations, has allowed me to persevere through some of the most difficult of moments this past year. I live everyday in gratitude for the authentic awesomeness and awareness that continues to fill my soul. And my spiritual partnerships are part of the journey and continue to help me ground myself in making the most out of my life while being authentically allie! ❤️ #newlife=bestlife

Spiritual partnerships, sigh, give me all the feels. So….Spring solstice started bringing me new survivors to inspire me to keep pushing forth my passion projects. Today I was Sitting in the Moffitt waiting room on a Monday morning, trying to manage my PTSD, usually starts about 30 minutes prior to my appointment, which candidly was much less than in appointments past. (can I get an amen?), I struck up a conversation with a 3 time cancer survivor, she had Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and now she has a mix of Hodgkins/Non Hodgkins. She is going for her second auto-transplant and all I want to do it tell her she’s going to be okay. It’s going to be a totally wild ride, but after, she’ll never look back. Meanwhile, as I was out in the waiting room flapping my gums with my new friend/fellow survivor and warrior, I missed my lab draw! Little did I know they had been calling my name, good news is, Dr Nieder did not mind, he had other more pressing patients to see and he saved one of the “best,” for last. By one of the Best I am meaning, best in health. I am thankful for that. Having a little mentor moment with my fellow warrior made me feel so full afterwards and realize once again, I am here for a reason and I am ready to continue to counsel others on this journey back to health and to finding their best self. Stay tuned for more on this mantra!

Champagne or Celery juice? That’s been my drinking dilemma as of late. Craving a cocktail I think is normal, especially now that I am back to work and who does not want a good glass of wine to come off the week? But, for ma foie, my new cocktail of choice, is the mean green, liver cleansing machine, with a squeeze of lime! C’est parfait! It is cleansing my liver, but also helping heal my gut. Since transplant I have become a serious sufferer of seasonal allergies, which FYI, all starts in the gut. With immune suppression slowly tapering, they have absolutely improved but there’s still work to be done. The celery juice challenge I am on has been interesting for a few reasons, 1. At first I had a little skin reaction, of dry, chapped spots on my skin, I phoned a friend who has been a celery juicing pro for quite some time now, her boyfriend experienced the same side effects! I continued my celery juice journey and today I am at day 20, and feeling better than I have, holistically, in a long time. So 2. My skin is brighter and most importantly 3. my liver levels keep lowering at a more rapid rate. Especially my Alk Phos, if only my ALT would get it check. Other benefits include cutting my cravings for caffeine as well as kept my sweet tooth tied over. I am happy to say, that I am officially a celery juice believer. Better late than never on this plant based, holistic healing trend. Unlike Cancer…..Champagne can wait…..celebratory champs are seriously in order come April 25th so for now I’ll keep to the celery and look forward to future soirées!

Thanks again for all who wait and wonder what theoneandallie is up to! Continuing to lean into love and gratitude daily and candidly I know it’s a big part of what keeps me healthy as a whole.

Lots of love.



3 thoughts on “Spiritual Partnerships , Spring Solstice and Celery Juice…..

  1. Phyllis McNeil

    You are simply amazing!!!! I love reading your updates, and love that you are dong so well! Looking forward to the next theoneandallie update.


  2. Kris

    Thank you for continuing to inspire me Allie.
    You’re a little angel that spreads hope, faith & love every day to make this a better place! ❤️


  3. Maria

    I am very grateful that your body is healing. You have been on an amazing journey and I believe it will all be used to help others. You have courage and compassion for others and that’s a beautiful combination. Sending Love ❤️ ❤️❤️Maria


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