Learning to Live in Abundance All Day Er Day!

Hello friends and fearless followers,

It’s been a busy few weeks back in Baltimore and I can honestly say I am so grateful and happy to be able to come full circle. Reintegrating into the office life has been less hectic than I anticipated and I have a lot of WOMEN within UA to thank for that. #letsBFrank

With that, I have been learning to lean into abundance and be grateful for all that is before me. Accessory Advocate (my new job), awesome apartment with my closest Baltimore copine, my cube mates who make everyday I walk in the door a little brighter (Katie G, Paul & AP) are just a few notable mentions.As sometimes, being back in the real world, it is easy for me to get sucked into my personal melodrama, and unfortunately some of my old bad habits of negative self talk and less gratitude, more sulk-i-tude ie. My skin is not the same and never ceases to disappoint me on the daily, or I have 5 lbs of water weight around my belly as a result of hormones and refusing to have hot flashes on the regular, and I want to be fit like I was before I had cancer and finish another marathon or half at least to feel a sense of accomplishment……and then I listened to a podcast. (My new workout music) It was about abundance, and how to conjure up more but also how getting up everyday and showing up to life is a hard enough job in and of itself so maybe go a little bit easier on myself and be a little less critical. NOTED.

With that, I am “loving” leaning into abundance. For me it started by #1: no longer comparing myself to others. I have been on a much different journey than just about anyone my age and I have to remember that at the end of the day that makes me unique and according to my fiancé, extra special. I cannot compare and instead be grateful for my own journey and where it has taken me and where I am going as a result. The possibilities are abundant. Don’t I know it. Like now it’s #official, I conquered cancer, next please.

Another part of living and breathing in abundance is being thankful for what I have and that does not necessarily have to be material. For example, one thing at the top of my list of daily gratitude is my Health. Leaning into this word specifically helps me manifest more health holistically into my life. Social health, career health, relationship health and even financial health can all be something I manifest as a result of leaning into the idea of abundance of health. Call me crazy, but guess what girls (and guys), it works. I have seen so much abundance appear in my life from being thankful for my health, and as a result I feel like I am able continue to maintain a positive attitude, access my intuition that tells me I am cured and continue to heal from the trauma of the past two and half years between diagnosis, relapse and the best part of it all, surviving.

How about this week, everyone reading along, think about how you can lean in a little more to what you are grateful for? I bet you will feel better by the week-end if anything is causing you angst or irritation, and good things will absolutely appear. They might even be super small but if you awaken your senses through this gratitude practice, I can promise you there will be little signs of hope or as Honey calls them, “God winks,” to let you know the universe, when you spread love and gratitude, is always on your side.

Here’s to leaning in, living abundantly as you open yourself up to infinite possibilities for perpetual happiness and positive vibrations through gratitude.

Go manifest some Good.

This week I am celebrating 13 months post transplant, 12 months post VOD disaster turned gift from God with all the amazing people I have met on that journey and 1 month of being engaged to the best man I ever met at a bar😉! Anniversaries are everywhere and so is abundance and goodness I could not be more grateful for both. 💯

La vie est belle.

Bisous tout le monde!


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