Le médecin Français et beginning to Vive La France….

Oohlala. What a wild but also wonderful two weeks it has been since I last posted. For one, i finally moved back to France with my Fiancé and I am so happy to be spending forever with this incredible human.

En faite, he provided me with a beautiful and clean apartment, he even gave me 3 étagères in the placard for my clothes, and an entire space for my dresses and other “hanging” items (closet) and two tiroirs (drawers) 😉 je suis très contente! Even though he does not know I am going to give him a whole Marie Kondo class upon returning from his apartment in the South France. Do more with less! Mais vraiment il est the reason why I was able to focus on the future while I went through my rebirth and cancer free life. JM totally trusted in the universe and the process that I would in fact be saved, spared and sans cancer once and for all. Merci mon amour pour tout! Je suis de la chance!

On another note, upon adjusting to life avec mon amour à Paris, I am also discovering a new part of Paris. With less bread, wine et fromage (but there’s some of that too) and focusing on my health and wellness. This included: Sourcing new Yoga studios and taking full advantage of their unlimited first week specials <3. Finding a Qi gong practitioners pour la femme and a five element acupuncturists for my French life. I had so many special Chinese medicine healers aux les Etas-Unis and I am hopeful to find French practitioners with the same sort of spirit.

And most importantly I am finally meeting mon médecine Français. I was recommended by a friend from Felix (yes, it’s really the best place for me to find friends) who is BMT Doctor at NYU but also European. He was able to help me with a network of names at the best hospitals so I can be followed until the 2 year mark when they finally release me and the sword of Démascles can get kicked to the curb. (The feeling I get before every rendez-vous) Marie est la médecine this week while the head Doctor Regis est a vacances .

Being able to celebrate avec le

Coupe de champagne à Paris après mon rendez-vous is the perfect way to continue pushing forward and remember that 15 months post transplant and 17 months cancer free is only the beginning of the best part of my life. Being 100% my brother is the most beautiful choise (thing) and it has changed my life forever, in both my stem cells and in my spirit. Vraiment, I would not change one bit of this bumpy ride with the caveat of possibly reducing the pain and suffering my body and my family had to endure in order to step into this new much sunnier and sweet life.

I am continuing to LIVE in a way I never thought possible with life being lighter, lovelier depuis que je laisse le passé dans le passé!

La vie est Belle.

Bisous a tout le monde!

Merci for continuing to read and root for theoneandallie.


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