A November to Remember

What a November it’s been. Happy to say post BMT life continues to be beautiful even if I am feeling a bit lost professionally pour Le moment and searching for the next challenge to take on for 2020. Other than that, I can say I am truly blessed beyond words.

November started out with a bang, as my twin brother’s nuptials were nothing short of sweet and soul-filling while I saw family and friends. Followed by tearing up the dance floor, which quickly forced a mid evening outfit change due to the menopausal sweats that did not mix well with the 90 degree temperatures and full on humidity. Ha! Fiancé stayed behind in France and it was the only thing missing from the much anticipated event as someone had to keep our boat afloat a Paris!

Alors, as far as my health, I could not be happier with how I am feeling holistically, minus the maintained and at times manic menopause! But really hormones are hell. However, I even got a “keep up the good work on your weight bearing exercises,” from my nurse as my Dexa was better than previous! I have started running again as a result and I continue to do yoga and walk religiously around Paris as it’s really the only way to keep my mind at times from the hormonal madness!

On a personal and outside of the health sphere note, as I continue to master le Français, I had many different meetings in French over the past few weeks. This included interviews, French bureaucratic box checking as well as many dinner parties where I mainly spoke French toute la soirée! It has been good for me to continue working on language as I really abandoned my French after 3 years back in the US plus a bone marrow transplant to boot, 😉 I can honestly say now, I am really focused on it. For real! Even though Jeanmi and I really only speak English a la Maison, I am starting to speak in groups super comfortably again, as well as focus on seeing French speaking friends and always speak with my Mother in Law in le langue français. It’s been my dream to finally make this transition totally and not always lean on my English, I can always call my American allies and family members for easy conversation. So for now, I can honestly say I am happy with my progress and I am even starting to think in French. 😍

During my mandated bureaucratic French Fun I realized once again how lucky I am. To not only be alive, but to be able to realize my dreams, here in France, post cancer not as a refugee but as a family member of someone French! My Fiancé that is. ❤️ Yesterday in my mandated class we discussed many topics inclusive of Medical insurance, Lodging, and other benefits you have as someone living in France and I was humbled and incredibly grateful that I could provide some help to some of the people just arriving for their first time (as this is a civic duty to continue living in France permanently) I also was given a whole new perspective on life once again when I heard others challenges and stories of escaping their home countries due to hardship. Hearing the word Refugee made me tear up a tad as it’s unbelievable to me to think about not having my freedom, my voice and my feminist outlook on life. As I only left the US to follow my heart and I feel I am so incredibly fortunate for that alone. Truth be told I am by no means a Trump fan as frankly he doesn’t appreciate la femme libre but when I heard about what’s happening in other countries I realize Trump is who he is, but as Americans he cannot take away my basic rights, and for that alone I am blessed to be Amercain by birth and forever french by heart!

What a wonderful and humbling experience it was even if it was in a less than preferred place to be on a sun shining Monday morning. (Which is quite rare a Paris after October)

Not much else to conclude on today’s blog other than I am still taking on consulting projects as I see fit but also keeping my eyes open for something more permanent, should the opportunity and perfect position present itself! Structure is something I never realized I really thrive in after being out of an office for so long and I think it’s time to finally infiltrate FULLY into France inclusive of an incredible opportunity where I’m speaking French and making new friends (colleagues) as I continue to work towards my official French citizenship! #countdownison But first, carte de séjour!

I really believe good things come to those who follow their heart, live authentically and are kind, so while I focus on French I will make sure I keep those three things top of mind as we turn the corner to 2020!

Bisous tout la monde! Merci pour suivre!!!

One thought on “A November to Remember

  1. Maria

    You sound very happy! And you deserve to be. Yep menopause is nasty let alone the surgical variety. Just. So you know I think there is a male version. I am convinced my husband has that. The pictures of the wedding looked wonderful! Your brothers wife is gorgeous for sure. I am glad you followed your heart, it is so rare. Pretty soon I guess it will be your turn for nuptials. Happiness is a wonderful ingredient in marriage and it sounds like you process that. Enjoy! Maria


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