La vie en complete remission est belle et la meilleure (best)

It’s been a beautiful two months of re-balancing after a bad bout of bronchitis in January as my baby lungs partnered with my brother’s cells are rebounding! With the help of herbs and bone broth brought to my door by @amazon. Even though I hate buying on Amazon, I realize, when it comes to bien être en France, it’s the best.

I was a little silent leading up to my 34th anniversaire as well as bloodtests moving to every 2 months instead of once a month. Oohlala you’d think I’d be cheering but truth is I am just getting used to embracing the new normal as I approach 2 years post transplant! My friend Michael from Maryland brought all the good survivor vibes before my looming labs just one day before and rebalanced my busy mind and reminded me that, yes, this really is behind me!!! Believe it babe! Thanks for all your prayers for mon pris de sang, ils marchent bien, toujours!

For the later part of Janvier et première partie de Février I focused on getting fit. Typical in the new year, peut-être but I needed it. I found myself reluctantly after major body envy of my friend amy, who is an avid Pelotoner, at the new Parisian spin studio. It is like soul cycle but better, in regard to price and positive vibes from every single instructor. Less snob. More sweet. Je suis très contente!

It’s just an incredible thing to reacquaint myself with exercise habitudes from my post transplant life, post transplant. I am also restarting my yoga practice closer to home dans Le 14eme because I enjoy walking to and from versus spending 45 minutes dans le métro. My body feels like it’s finally rebounding from this rebirth, and for real this time, with a little help from my hormone friends as well. A new regimen in fact from my beloved gynco for my 34th year of life! #grateful I am lucky she is not only schooled in all things post transplant for her female patients but in matters of skin, fertility and moving forward as a female in general. I love her and she told me she’s trying to retire soon, and I simply said with a smile, YOU CANNOT unless you have a determined understudy schooled in all things Greffe de Moelle parts de Femme, as it took me 18 months to find her, I am just not ready to invite someone new into my Vagina circle for 2020, but can get on board for a retirement party in 2021, si elle veut.

So let’s segway from stem-cell transplants to my new teaching job. Not so new anymore, as I wrote this blog back in February. But really, what an amazing opportunity I have to teach 2 workshops to 3 different students at an International Fashion School, here in Paris. It is helping me perfect my public speaking skills in both French and English, as well as forcing me to stay current about all things consumerism and the crazy ever changing world of Fashion. My students are simply adorable and having the opportunity to teach them and help expand their knowledge of Retail, Wholesale and Merchandising more specifically, is an incredible gift from the Universe in this new decade. Also, being a petite prof means I get to also enjoy school holidays every 5 weeks, WOW. What a WIN. Incredible opportunity, needless to say when Jeanmi asked what I wanted for my birthday, my response was simply, SOUTH OF FRANCE CHERI. Solid response as I am super plein de chance because Jeanmi has a family apartment in this secret (but not really for French people) place in a sweet little village, dans le Var, it brings me so much peace ( a nice pause from Paris dans l’hiver, with plein de soleil, as well as time with our Fantastic friends who live here full-time). I am so lucky, happy and fulfilled to be witnessing my personal dreams and building a future I believe in here in France. With an amazing support system, from securite sociale, ma belle famille and sweet Jeanmi, partnered with new friendships, my strongest old friendships and family from afar. (but with FaceTime it feels so close)

I am stepping into my 2nd year in COMPLETE remission with gratitude, trust, less heavy life, minus the corona crazy currently crushing all of us from having a normal life, but at the sometime causing us to go internal and take extra good care of our health, mentally, physically and spiritually, as well as LOVE! The greatest gift of all. I am so lucky to be social distancing with my belle mere, in the South of France, as well as my sweet Fiance. Soaking up some sun (vitamin D S’il Vous Plait) and starting to forge ahead for the future in Fashion, as a teacher and full-time consultante.

Here’s to year 2 in CR, my favorite initials outside JM. Bien sur.

La vie est belle and I am beyond blessed to say that Complete Remission is my new Condition, and it is here for to stay without intermission!

xx enjoy this special time for social

The one and Allie

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